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Jade DeWitt, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist who is committed to collaborative and compassionate care for individuals dealing with a range of life difficulties. Dr. DeWitt develops personalized treatments that integrate psychotherapy (“talk therapy”) with medications, when needed. Her goal is to help patients understand themselves better, live more fulfilling lives, and cope with difficulties in more constructive ways. Dr. DeWitt’s clients come to her for help with a range of problems, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, insomnia, and dissatisfaction in relationships and work. She also offers medication management services to individuals who are already in therapy with another mental health professional.

Dr. DeWitt works with individuals ages 18 and older. She previously worked at the Columbia University & Fairfield University student mental health centers and has particular expertise treating young adults. She has often worked with undergraduate and graduate students who are grappling with the impact of mental health issues on their lives.

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